A nEw YeAr!

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I am excited to start a new year! It is kinda like getting a “redo” or maybe not. At least it is a fresh start! Things I plan on doing this year are:


– Having devotions with Asher every day. He has loved this so far. He also enjoys having a turn to pray.
– Having a more positive outlook on life – regretfully, this is something I lacked last year.
– No diapers in ’09! Asher will be a porcelain regular!
– Less time on the computer while my boys are awake… when they are napping – that is my time, well at least some of it!
– Putting nothing on our credit cards…we wil be debt free even if takes us until we are in our 80’s… then we will be partying it up on the shuffle boards!
– Learn to spend time alone!
– Every month…Asher and I will have a “date”! And when Silas gets a little older I will do this with him too!

-Oh yeah, “No babies in ’09”  – odd years have really got us on this! 🙂 Maybe in ’10 or ’11 🙂

Anyway those are a couple of things I have really considered! What about you? Anything Good?


My baby is already 14 months old!





it has been awhile…

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So I must admit I have not had the time nor the patience to keep up with  my blog lately. I have been going through a difficult time lately and all my energy has been focused on getting through my day. I know that this is just for a “season”, so hopefully soon I will be back in a blogging mood.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with your families! 

Kristin 🙂



one small step for silas…alot more work for me :-)

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Yesterday Silas decided to start walking. He is able to stand up without holding on to anything and go. He thinks he is so special! Asher is excited too… he yells “si si is walking!!!” when he sees him taking  steps. I am so proud of my baby… he is growing up too fast!

(I will add a video soon!)




we are ready for Christmas…

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ok … well it is a little early to be already thinking about Christmas… after Thanksgiving is usually the “correct” and “official”  time for me to accept the holiday season. Although yesterday while buying diapers I heard “Holly Jolly Christmas” playing at K-mart. My grandma sent my boys these matching pj’s so I thought I would take pictures of them being all matchy-like! I bribed Asher with a sucker if he would pose and smile for me… it worked! But since then when he wants more candy he asks me if I wanna take pictures of him… sounds kinda creepy coming from a 3 yr. old with a limited vocabulary. 






our halloween night:

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Dave was excited to take Asher trick or treating for the first time, so we left around 5:30 and headed over to 20th street. The first house we knocked on Asher said trick or treat and walked right in and tried to sit down on a chair. He didn’t really get the concept of it all at first, but now I can say that he is a seasoned veteran. We went to about 20 houses and he had at least a 3 minute conversations with each of the people(s) handing out candy.

(that pumpkin bag was dave’s when he was a little boy!)

After that we dropped off daddy and Silas at home and went over to the harvest festival. Asher loved playing all the games, getting his face painted, and watching the “puppen” show!


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Why is being patient so hard to do??? I hate feeling frustrated and grumpy! Any

ideas about how to not get to into a cycle like this with your kids?

Playgroup Party!!!!

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I love our playgroup…we meet every thursday and we have been together for almost 3 years? I think. This week Janelle and Tania put on a little harvest party with yummy sugary foods, coloring, and face painting. All the kids were dressed up too! It was fun! (we missed you monica and emily!)

(it is amazing we got all the kids in a picture together!)

(Reegan and Silas – they are 2 weeks apart)

(Kasey, Audrey, and Bailey)

(Reegan, Silas, and Nathaniel – he’s a lobster!)

(Kasey is “Alice in Wonderland”)

(such a sweet little bee!)

(my sweet little “dragonasouraus!)