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Would you rather??

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So since I was a little kid we would always play the game “Would you rather” in which you give two horrible options and ask someone to choose the “lesser of two evils”. Which should not be mistaken for “Would you for a million dollars” in which one is asked questions based on how much money it would take for them to do a certain task, usually gross. So I now digress and ask you, thanks to Melissa,  Would you rather, for the remainder of your life,  live with a colostomy bag or eat from a feeding tube?



practically a teenager!

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Time has gone by so fast, and I had not realized it until yesterday when I saw Jeff and Connie’s new baby! Silas’ head alone was bigger than her, well maybe not, but he has definately put on the weight these past 5 months. He has been such a joy in my life, and I look forward to watching him continue to grow and one day become a loving man. Sometimes I am still in shock that I have become a mommy to not just one, but two little boys. What was God thinking?!?

definition of “hotness” (see picture below)

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It is no suprise we are already taken!!!!

                                   (click on the picture to see it as it should be seen!)

Easter Shenanigans

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We had a pretty fun Easter this year. We went the park for the Edge Service and then hung around at Dave’s parents house searching for eggs, eating, and just sitting around digesting the already eaten food. Asher was so into the egg hunt this year that he made his auntie hide the eggs an additional 4 times just to get his fill of the annual bunny safari. He got $3 in change from the big bunny, so we high tailed it to the dollar store to cash in. He picked out a puzzled and two horses with sticks coming out of their heads. I am not sure what those things are called. So he is pretty happy.

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SF Zoo

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So Melissa decided to take the boys and I to the SF Zoo for her birthday, and we had so much fun. Asher was so excited to see real animal, I think the monkeys were his favorite.We are definately going back again.

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Testing, testing, 1.2.3?

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Hi! My first blog on WordPress b/c blogspot is stupid! Peace!