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“It’s probably just a food baby. Did you have a big lunch? “

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this is what we do on Tuesday nights…just in case you wanted to know 🙂

(Silas has man boobs!)


go away monnstters!!

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Last night, before bedtime, Asher and I were playing with his little tool bench. I got up to take care of Silas, and Asher came running to me asking for a blankie. I told him that his blankie was on his bed, but instead he grabbed one of Silas’ washclothes and ran back out to the living room. When I came out to the living room again I heard him say “goodnight dad (kiss)…goodnight mommy(kiss)…no monsstters, go away!!!!” This is what he made:

The little green things are Dave and I, and he made us a bed! I was pretty impressed!

happy 1/2 birthday Silas!!!

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Silas will be 6 months old tommorrow. Time seriously flew by!! Here are a couple things I LOVE about my little boy:

  • his smile
  • his happy personality
  • he is so easy going
  • his chubby legs
  • he always gets the hiccups everytime he laughs
  • the lil birthmark on his butt
  • His need to be held and cuddled
  • that he is a part of my life!!!


[rockyou id=110650062&w=426&h=319]


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Here are the boys at 5 months old. I think that they kinda look alike.

Silas                                                                                     Asher

those were the days…

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Dave + Kristin + College =  “in love, no kids, few bills, money to spend, little respnosiblity”


i am one step away from finding a bus to walk in front of…

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My husband usually complains about his job on a regular basis, and I am sure he has every right to, but when I say I have had a bad day, the usual response is something to the effect of “you got to stay home all day!” I know I have got to stay home all day…that is usually the problem 🙂 Asher is such a tough kid for me at times. Today he offically wore me out by 10:00. He threw a huge fit at WIC, which is my least favorite place to be in lake county!!! He has this weird phobia of doctors or something b/c he absolutely refuses to be weighed or measured, which is what they tried to do today at WIC. Then, of course, I got all the “you are a horrible mother to a horrible kid” look by all the toothless parents in there. This afternoon, both of my boys wouldn’t take a nap, so now I am sitting here numb and worn out. I hate days like this, but usually they are followed by much better days. It is a weird cycle!

design sponge

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So every once in a while I get hit with a desire to create something or learn how to make something I have never attempted before. I serisously get this way after my period…weird huh? Lately I have been cleaning up my yard and preparing to plant some flowers, but I need more. If I had some money this wouldn’t be an issue, but since I am poor I need to be creative in finding ways to be creative…too much work!  Any ideas???