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Somtimes I miss being pregnant,

but then I tell myself to shut up!



a look back…

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I was reading my Bible this morning and in the front cover I found a poem I wrote when I was about to leave for  collge. It makes me sad b/c I am no where near the person I thought I would become . I have been really struggling lately in my life emotionally and spiritually. I hope that one day I can be a better person than I am today, but I guess we should feel like that everday b/c spritually speaking we will never arrive!!! We are too human for that!

“To know you more is my heart’s desire,

Yet constantly I push you away

For fear of seeing myself as I am

And losing the comfort of my own way.


You tell me there is no fear in love

So why am I so afraid?

I say I believe and love you Lord

And yet refuse to trust and obey.


Forgive me Lord, of who I am

And please help me to see

Not the women that I am,

But the women you created me to be.”

                                                (Kristin 2001)