design sponge

So every once in a while I get hit with a desire to create something or learn how to make something I have never attempted before. I serisously get this way after my period…weird huh? Lately I have been cleaning up my yard and preparing to plant some flowers, but I need more. If I had some money this wouldn’t be an issue, but since I am poor I need to be creative in finding ways to be creative…too much work!  Any ideas???


2 Responses to “design sponge”

  1. you need to remind me to bring over those bulbs!

  2. flowers are cheaper if you buy a packet of seeds. then you plant them in small bowls on your window sill, then transplant them. i also like using odd things around my house as planters. another idea….find dandelions in other people’s yards, blow them all over your yard. pretty soon you’ll have little yellow flowers everywhere!

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