go away monnstters!!

Last night, before bedtime, Asher and I were playing with his little tool bench. I got up to take care of Silas, and Asher came running to me asking for a blankie. I told him that his blankie was on his bed, but instead he grabbed one of Silas’ washclothes and ran back out to the living room. When I came out to the living room again I heard him say “goodnight dad (kiss)…goodnight mommy(kiss)…no monsstters, go away!!!!” This is what he made:

The little green things are Dave and I, and he made us a bed! I was pretty impressed!


2 Responses to “go away monnstters!!”

  1. just to let you know…..he gets it from his “Aunt Bea”

  2. That is too cute!
    He needs some dolls to play with. Ha!

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