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Somtimes I miss being pregnant,

but then I tell myself to shut up!



a look back…

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I was reading my Bible this morning and in the front cover I found a poem I wrote when I was about to leave for  collge. It makes me sad b/c I am no where near the person I thought I would become . I have been really struggling lately in my life emotionally and spiritually. I hope that one day I can be a better person than I am today, but I guess we should feel like that everday b/c spritually speaking we will never arrive!!! We are too human for that!

“To know you more is my heart’s desire,

Yet constantly I push you away

For fear of seeing myself as I am

And losing the comfort of my own way.


You tell me there is no fear in love

So why am I so afraid?

I say I believe and love you Lord

And yet refuse to trust and obey.


Forgive me Lord, of who I am

And please help me to see

Not the women that I am,

But the women you created me to be.”

                                                (Kristin 2001)


time for bed!

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My dad came to visit us today and Asher was so excited to see him, but kept asking “where nana?” nonstop. It is so awesome that even at two he realizes they come in a pair! Anyway after their big wagon trip to the park they came back and my dad said he was tired. So Asher ran to his bedroom and got papa a blanket, stopped and looked, and then ran and got him a pillow. He again stopped to think about what he was missing and proceeded to get a bear and a binkie for my dad. After that he kissed my dad on the forhead and patted him and said goodnight. He has the routine down, he better after two years!


one indian on a corndog…please!

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Dave and I were bored last night and so we began to google random things. We came across a list of the worst tattoos ever and one of them just stuck right out to me (sorry about the nipple):


A for creativity. F for “Can I pull off a bucktooth Indian humping a corndog at 65 years old!!!”