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                                            New foods can be intimidating and down right scary!


an update…

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The past months has been fun: Silas can sit up on his own and roll over, Asher got ringworm and makes these “angry eyes” at me when he is mad. To be quite honest I am not living up to my potential as a mom. I have been really tired lately and Asher has been really difficult. He must know that my force field is weak!!! I also realized that I talk negatively about Asher way too much. So I am going to end this blog with a couple compliments to my first born: Asher is a wonderful big brother and almost always kind to Silas, He uses the word “please” before he asks me for something and is getting my better at saying “thank you” afterwards. He is not the most cuddley boy, but he gives great hugs and kisses when I need them the most, and he has the best laugh when you get him going!!!! I love you Asher very much!