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our morning @ the park

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This morning I felt like not doing any chores so the boys and I went to the park and played for almost 2 hours. Asher rode his bike “phast” and looked for every “heel” he could find to go down on his bike. Silas and I laid in the grass and just vegged. It was such a nice morning – both boys were so good and content.  Every mom needs a morning like this with their kids once in a while! Sometimes I get so busy taking care of my boys I forget to enjoy them.

 Silas 7 months

 (Asher took this picture while we were laying in the grass)



the long arm of the law…

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Watch Out for the “Special Police”!!!

“So then I was like hey baby you come here often?”

“Hold on man, I’ve got a possible 401 in progress…”

“Hey, let me see your hands…down on the ground!!!!”

“I am Officer Reese with the Special Police and today is not your day!”

The End!

Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight ;)

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Love is the condition in which the happiness of another

person is essential to your own. Happy 3rd Anniversary to



I mean who couldn’t love a man like this? C’mon!