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lock up your toys…

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The past couple weeks, Silas has been doing this army/”i had a stroke on my right side” kind of crawl. He would never get up on his knees. Well tonight he crawled right by me like he had been doing it his whole life! Dave and I just laughed and smiled b/c it is weird to see our “baby” so “grown up”.




daddy’s make…

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 great trampolines,



pretty comfy beds,


 descent “airplane” rides,


and give great “head-lock” hugs!


we are almost there…

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Last night Asher told Dave he need to poop and he was able to make it to and in the potty, except for a little bit of urine on the floor due to the missing “weiner guard” on his potty, it all went over quite well. I am so proud of him. The best advice for potty training is when they are ready they will do it. Just be consistent in trying and always bring it up to keep the idea fresh in their mind! We are still quite a ways from being in underwear but he is making great progress!

In other news, Silas likes to sleep folded in half now. Looks terribly uncomfortable but he seems to enjoy it.

as of today…

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I have seen 26 years! Wow, I feel old!


(finally my children somewhat resemble me!)

becoming friends!

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I absolutely love watching Asher and Silas interact! The older Silas gets the more I can see how they are going to enjoy each other. Already Asher tickles Silas and rolls around on the floor with him. When Silas gets into Asher toys he says “now Si Si, these Asher’s toys” and even though Asher is still having a hard time sharing, if he takes a toy away from Silas he always replaces it with another. At least at this age, Silas doesn’t care J It is such an awesome experience to raise brothers. I know that last time this year I was hoping for a girl, but I could never imagine my life any other way!!












Success: an event that accomplishes its intended purpose!

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During lunch Asher came out of his room naked, which is a common event now in our house. After a few jumps on the couch he runs back to his bedroom. A couple mins later he comes running out to me with wet hands saying he “poo pee”. Dave and I jump up and ran into the bathroom to find a little white and blue potty full of his pee!!!!!! He did it all by himself!!!! He was so excited and I screamed with happiness. I was so proud of him…it was comparable to him winning a medal at the Olympics…He would definatly get a gold for the quantity of pee he can hold in his little bladder!!! (Also later he informed me that binkies were for bedtime only!) He is growing up 🙂


 there is pee in there…trust me 🙂



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 (Sorry to be such a downer, but this subject has always been very important to me and I was reminded of it today!)

So I just got done watching the interview with the Chapmans on Larry King Live. It made me cry. It is on YOUTUBE so you should really take the time to see it! Death has always been such a struggle for me. After losing my 9 year old sister when I was 11, I have always feared and obsessed with the reality and unquestionable finality of it! It comes when you least expect it and changes you forever. As a child dealing with death I was so confused and in so much pain.  I didn’t understand why she was never coming back. As I look at my own two little boys I try and always remember I am not promised time with them. Tomorrow or even tonight could change my life forever… again. Moments with our children and those who we love are one of the most precious gifts we have in our lives. Love your children a little bit harder and longer today, look in their eyes and remember their smiles, hold their little hands and remember their touch. Nothing is guaranteed in this life, except the promise of comfort if we ever have to face a trial we cannot understand or bear alone.