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hiding under a rock…

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So how is it possible that a three year old can cause my heart to be in a state of conviction? Sometimes I miss him when he wasn’t talking…out of the mouth of babes, right? Anyway today has been a frustrating and horrible day and I realized this at 8:30 this morning. Asher has been very stubborn and down-right mean to Silas and I! He has been hurting Silas alot lately and at first I thought he just didn’t realized his own strength, but this theory dissipated when I saw him purposly going out of his way to push Silas or hit him for no reason. It really gets under my skin when he does this. I admit, I get angry. So this has been happening alot today and I was really angry and starting to yell alot…which is never effective. Anyway, I digress, this afternoon Asher was drawing a picture and I went over and asked him what it was:

He said, “this is mommy and she is yelling and screaming and spanking…i sad!” Holy crap talk about a guilt trip. It is one thing to feel conviction inside about my yelling, but when Asher said it out loud and that it made him sad I felt awful, like a horrible mom kind of awful! I told him I was sorry and that it is not ok for mommy to yell and scream, but it is also not ok for Asher to hurt Silas b/c that makes Silas, mommy, and God sad (i had to guilt him back ­čÖé He gave me a hug and I don’t feel frustrated anymore. It was a good lesson for both of us!


artistic nature…

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Asher has already begun to show artistic talent. His dad and his bubbee are both talented closet artists, so it must be in his blood!  He loves to draw! We are constantly amazed by Asher and what he can do! The bottom two pictures are  Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas and he used a bathtub crayon!


For his birthday his Aunt Bea got him a guitar and he loves it! He is constantly sitting in his chair making up songs, usually about his brother.

just a quickie..

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I usually only blog when I am struggling with something or need to vent, so I thought why not blog when I am feeling somewhat content and successful in my life? Novel idea!

Asher has been growing up so fast lately. I just seem to notice it more┬álately┬áthan at other times. He is almost completely potty trained and is very proud of himself. Every time he goes he expects a huge cheer/jump/high five/sticker/candy to celebrate even the tiniest drop of pee! It is so encouraging to see your child succeed at something! He loves to boss Silas around WAY too much, but many times he is a huge help to me so I try and remember that when he is pulling Silas off the bookshelf for the 111thtime. He is so polite and says “thanks”, “no thanks”, “please”, “I sorry”┬áand “your welcome” all the time. He loves to help me clean up Silas’ mess with the broom and the dust pan and gets every last piece off of the floor. It amazes me how much he is capable of doing. He also is an amazing artist. I will have to post some of his pictures he has drawn when I get a chance. I am not just being a mom and bragging…he has potential. He is a joy in my life that I can’t live without.

Silas is so big and so cuddly. I love seeing his sleepy face in the morning. He loves to look at books and watch his brother. He is trying to walk and loves, loves, loves to pull ALL the books off of our shelves. He looks back at us and smiles before he commits this frustrating crime! He loves to be in the bathtub and I think he and Asher could live in there sometimes. He hates to sleep and loves to dance. He is losing his baby fat and I really miss it! I always wanted a chubby baby. He sleeps completely folded in half and every night I go in and unfold him and every morning he is back in the same position. He has always been a happy easy going baby and he is such a good reason to get up in the morning.

My husband is such a hard worker. He hardly ever takes time off and is always staying late. After 3 1/2 years of working he feels “ready” to take a vacation. He takes such good care of the boys and I. He makes time for the boys everyday, and they are excited to see him. I love him so much. I can’t live without that guy, even when he pisses me off! We have been together 7 years and I think I am starting to feel itchy! Ha ha…seven year itch…ok that was dumb…sorry ­čÖé

Recently, I have had an “intermission” in my daily life. Most of the frustrations and stresses have eased a little bit and I feel like I have been able to enjoy my life a little more than I have in the past. I am so grateful for this time in my life. I am happy! I haven’t been able to say that for a long time. I am learning how to “feel” beyond my outward circumstances. I can see positive things even when I am in a negative situation. God has been so merciful to me. I feel like I am finally able to climb out of a pit I have been stuck in the past 3 years emotionally and spiritually. Not that my life is perfect and I am always positive but I am able to appreciate my life for what it is and always has been…a gift.

it went by too fast…

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Today Silas turned 11 months old! Why did it go by so fast? I am not ready to have another toddler…I miss the baby! He has changed so much in such a little time. Can you imagine if we adults went through the kind of growth and changes that a baby does from birth to a year old???┬á We would all be over weight…and brillant! I love him so much and I am so thankful for his life and what it has meant to our family. He will always be my “SI-SI”.

 (@ 2 months)



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I really, really, really don’t want to wash my sink full of dishes right now! I would be willing to pay someone…any takers???


Curious, are we??

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Silas is defiantely in that phase where EVERYTHING is uber-interesting! He is so curious! He just has to touch and taste anything and everything. He is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. I like this age alot despite the stalking-like parenting that comes with it.


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Dave and I went to a wedding on Saturday at a Vinyard in Livermore. We got dressed up and enjoyed a night without kids, free dinner and wine, and dancing. It was almost a date…j/k! Sometimes when it is just the two of us I feel like I need to introduce myself b/c he almost feels like a stranger. We get so caught up in bills, work, and the boys that we havn’t really had time to cultivate our marriage. It is sad but true. I know we both really enjoyed our time together so thank you mom and dad for giving that time to us!!!