we are ready for Christmas…

ok … well it is a little early to be already thinking about Christmas… after Thanksgiving is usually the “correct” and “official”  time for me to accept the holiday season. Although yesterday while buying diapers I heard “Holly Jolly Christmas” playing at K-mart. My grandma sent my boys these matching pj’s so I thought I would take pictures of them being all matchy-like! I bribed Asher with a sucker if he would pose and smile for me… it worked! But since then when he wants more candy he asks me if I wanna take pictures of him… sounds kinda creepy coming from a 3 yr. old with a limited vocabulary. 







3 Responses to “we are ready for Christmas…”

  1. my nephew is so smart…just like his auntie….wanna take my picture too??!! 🙂

  2. Best looking little boys I have seen in quite q while. Must take after their Great-Grandpa LoTurco!! Ha, ha.

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