A nEw YeAr!

I am excited to start a new year! It is kinda like getting a “redo” or maybe not. At least it is a fresh start! Things I plan on doing this year are:


– Having devotions with Asher every day. He has loved this so far. He also enjoys having a turn to pray.
– Having a more positive outlook on life – regretfully, this is something I lacked last year.
– No diapers in ’09! Asher will be a porcelain regular!
– Less time on the computer while my boys are awake… when they are napping – that is my time, well at least some of it!
– Putting nothing on our credit cards…we wil be debt free even if takes us until we are in our 80’s… then we will be partying it up on the shuffle boards!
– Learn to spend time alone!
– Every month…Asher and I will have a “date”! And when Silas gets a little older I will do this with him too!

-Oh yeah, “No babies in ’09”  – odd years have really got us on this! 🙂 Maybe in ’10 or ’11 🙂

Anyway those are a couple of things I have really considered! What about you? Anything Good?


My baby is already 14 months old!





3 Responses to “A nEw YeAr!”

  1. Well…I definitely feel pressed to stay in the Word everyday, love others more (even the hard ones) & keep my mouth shut/control my tongue! I also need to eventually become involved in a church again and find a new way to be in service to the Lord.

  2. We have a great devotions all about animals that Hannah really likes It is called Five minute devotions with God and then we also have More Five minute devotions with God (or something like that).

    We too plan on doing devotions every day with the kids- we were going great from Sept 1 until Dec. 1 then things got busy and we quit. Less time cleaning when the kids are awake, more interactive playing with them rather than supervising while I clean. I would love to have a baby this year but that is up to God & Jason. Be a better wife to my husband, respond right even if he doesn’t (actually that goes in dealing with everyone not just my husband).

  3. I have already commited to another person to do the read the bible in a year thingy…..even if I miss a day, it is okay….(we each have the same read the bible in a year bible.)….and to meet once a week to share what the Lord spoke to us that week.

    Work on my work-tongue….different than my home tongue….i’ll leave that one alone

    To continue to enjoy my family…..realizing our time together in this life is precious….

    and to work (again) on making healthier food/exercise choices….no more diets….just do the right thing!

    Pray for God’s direction regarding serving Him…what and where.

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