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(waiting for everyone to come!)


(his cake)

(my present)

(his presents)

(cake time!)

(he liked it…)


(alot, alot!!!)

(his first haircut, complements of daddy!)


He is the big ONE!!!

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I can’t even believe my baby is already one. This time it went by so fast! I am sad that he is no longer the sweet content little cuddly chubby baby anymore, but I am so excited to watch him grow and attempt new things! He is still a sweet boy. I love you Silas and Happy Birthday!!!

(asher helping me take the test – Feb 07)

(here you come!!!)

(7 months pregnant)

(born on Oct 23, 2007 @ 3:13am, 7lbs 4oz)

(cute bug-eyed 1 month old!)

(2 months)

(3 months)

(5 months)

(6 months old)

(7 months)

( 9 months)

(11 months)

(one year!!!!)



weirded out!

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After I returned from my walk to the park this morning I watched as some random man stole an empty detergent bottle, an old towel, and a dirty diaper from my garbage can! He saw me standing there in my driveway watching him and he tipped his hat at me and wished me a good afternoon. I said thanks and ran inside with my boys!



crafty asher

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I realized the other day that Asher needs more structure in his day to keep him out of trouble. It is hard for me to enforce this idea though. It is so much easier to put a movie on when I need to get things done. A couple ideas I think I am going to try is room time, giving him a craft to do, having him help me with my chores (which is going to end up giving me more work) oh well. I need to start including him in more of what I do. He is defiantly old enough to give responsibility to!  Sometimes I just feel like I am never being a good enough mom to him. I hate it at the end of the day when I am lying in bed thinking about the day and what I should have done differently and how i could have been kinder to him or taken an opportunity to teach him.  I am glad I feel this way b/c it does make me try harder and reevaluate my habits. I just want him to be the best little boy he can be and i just want to be the best mom I have the ability to be…is that too much to ask for? 🙂 

Speaking of crafts, Asher made these pumpkins this morning. It is our family! I thought that was sweet of him to make each of us a pumpkin! 

pumpkins and a corn maze!

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such a guy thing!!!

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(are boys born with the ability to completely “zone out”?)

same ole same ole…

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We have not really been up to anything exciting lately, just hanging around our house due to our lack of money 🙂 We wanted to go camping during David’s vacation but we are going to have to postpone it until we become wealthy! We did go to Concord and suprise my parents. The boys love to be around their nana and papa and I like being in a city! We went to a couple parks and window shopped. It was a nice visit. 

In a week my “baby” will be one. We are planning his little birthday party and trying to pick out the perfect gift for him. I am so excited about his party, but a little sad he is no longer a baby. I miss that stage for sure…guess I will have to have another one! Dave made Silas’ b-day invitations and they are so awesome! Here is it:


Recently the boys have really started to play together. Asher is still way too rough with Silas but Silas is a pretty tough kid. Asher went to the Dr. on monday and it was an “experience”. He has a bubble…a huge bubble so if he doesn’t know someone he keeps his distance. So when the nurse tried to examine him he pretty much flipped out. After many promises of stickers and a trip to the park he settled down. I am glad he only has one checkup a year!!!!! He is 36 inches tall and weighs 30 lbs. That’s all for now…